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You’re here because you want to get your Android device rooted. You’ve already been to all these other places: Root Android Forums You’re overwhelmed with information and you don’t know where to begin? The fact is, there are hundreds of different Android devices and there is a specific way to SAFELY ROOT each one of them. If you make just one simple mistake during the rooting process you could turn your expensive Android device into a brick. One Click Root To ensure your expensive Android device gets rooted safely and correctly, hire one of our Certified Android Experts to remotely connect to your PC and root your Android device for you. Now you could use the information from all those forums mentioned earlier, they are a great resource on rooting. In fact, all of our Certified Android Experts are long time members and contributors at most of them. The problem with those forums is that when you run into a problem you could be waiting days before you get a response to any questions you post. While you’re waiting for a response, your phone or tablet could be on the brink of destruction because you made one of those simple little mistakes during the rooting process. Look, we can’t all be experts at everything, and getting help is okay. Other Experts And when you want to get your Android device rooted you go to the Certified Android Experts at RootAndroid.Com. Certified Android Experts Android is the #1 operating system in the world for smart phones and tablets. Because Android is Open Source, it can be customized in an infinite number of ways. “Rooting” your Android device takes away the limits imposed by your carrier or manufacturer, and opens your mobile phone or tablet up to a world of endless possibilities. Now I’m not going to get into all specific details about the benefits of rooting your Android or why rooting your Android is so awesome, because if you are here you already know you want to get rooted. But if you want more information on all that then check out the “Why Root” page on our website. You want to get rooted so you have complete control of your Android device and can customize it any way you choose. People love to customize their Android devices, but it can be very difficult, confusing, and intimidating. That’s where RootAndroid.Com steps in. Our Certified Android Experts can get your Android device SAFELY ROOTED in no time at all. Our experts will remotely connect to your PC using the most trusted remote access software available from TeamViewer.Com. You won’t need to leave your house and meet up with a stranger you found on Craigslist, or drive across town to a store you’ve never heard of before. Just schedule an appointment with one of our Certified Android Experts at a time that is convenient for you and they will remotely connect to your PC and do everything for you, while you sit back and relax, watching them work in real time to root your device. TeamViewer

Once you’re rooted the sky is the limit. Now you can truly take full control of your Android device. Your phone or tablet is now open to a whole new world of possibilities. There are thousands of new apps you will be able to use that all require root access.

Root Apps Bundle Purchase the RootAndroid.Com’s Apps Bundle Installation add on and our Certified Android Experts will install the Top 15 Apps that require root access to get you started. Your Android device will truly be on it’s way to becoming totally awesome! Take a look at all the apps our Certified Android Experts will install when you purchase our Apps Bundle Installation add on: Root App Icons More Info *RootAndroid.Com does not make any of the apps included within the “Apps Bundle Installation” add on. Since we do not make the apps we do not offer any support for the set up or configuration of these apps. Also since every app has it’s own requirements we can not guarantee all apps to work on all devices.


Custom Root ROMs So now that you’ve got some pretty sweet apps installed on your Android device what else can you do? You can install one of the coolest custom ROMs to your Android device. Now your Android device will be completely tricked out and be the envy of all your friends! Look at the Top 10 Custom ROMs our Certified Android Experts can install on your Android device: Room Icons More Info

RootAndroid.Com is your one stop shop on the web for everything Android! When you need help getting your Android device rooted, our Certified Android Experts have got you covered.

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